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About Adam's Auto Spa

Operating out of a centrally located shop near the intersection of 6th Avenue & I-25, we specialize in the cosmetic reconditioning, protection & maintenance of fine automotive finishes.

With experience in perfecting fine finishes across a broad spectrum of automotive history, we have the solutions for your vehicles cosmetic concerns. 

Offering a full service, we believe in seeing our customers beyond reconditioning and protection services, offering tailored maintenance programs to ensure your vehicle can stay looking its best, at your convenience.


Baseline Detailing

Using a holistic approach to set a baseline on all aspects of your vehicle, from the engine bay to the interior, this is where your vehicle meets our standards of clean. With provision of a clean vehicle we can now make informed reconditioning decisions.

Reconditioning & Refinement

Using a broad range of knowledge, techniques and equipment we have a reconditioning & refining option for almost any finish you could name. With a focus on preserving originality we strive to put each vehicles best foot forward through carefully reconditioning each individual aspect with an attention to detail second to none.


Through the same lens of preservation, we insist on offering appropriate and tailored protection packages to each vehicle and their intended use moving forward. Whether your vehicle is leaving us to tear up the racetrack, sit in a museum or participate in the daily commute - we have a protection option for you.

Maintenance Detailing

Offering a tailored service to your individual needs committing to upkeep the baseline that has now been set.

Market Preparation

When it comes time to part with your pride and joy, we are here to help. As enthusiasts we hate to see your car go as much as you do, however, we can help soften the post-sale depression by preparing your vehicle in its best - and most honest - light, inspiring confidence in buyers ensuring that you get the value you deserve from your sale.

I have had multiple great experiences with Adam's Auto Spa. They are easy and flexible to schedule with, and my car comes out remarkable each time...   ...Customer service and recommendations are always spot on as well. It is rare to get good, local, quality service these days, so these guys deserve a call out. 5 stars all around.

Donald L, Boulder CO


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